Mã lỗi Ricoh Pro C5200/5210

Mã Lỗi Hướng Dẫn
SC101-01* Lamp Error (Scanning) (Front)

- A part or all of the LED board does not light up when scanning.
This error is detected if the level peak of the white plate or ADF background board did not
reach the prescribed threshold, when the white plate or ADF background board was
- • LED board defective
• SBU defective
• BICU defective
• Power/signal harness defective
• Condensation in the scanner unit
• Mirrors or lenses dirty or positioned incorrectly
• White plate dirty or installed incorrectly
• ADF background board dirty

- • Clean the ADF background board.
• Cycle the machine off/on.
-> If SC101-02/-05/-06 is occurred, refer to the each SC solution.